Picture Prompt – ‘Last Words’ Creative Inspiration

It’s been a little while since I posted any writing prompts, so I thought that I would offer some food for thought today.  I was struck by this picture when I came across it on Pinterest recently.  It is entitled ‘Last Words’ and it got me thinking.  Last words might typically be spoken on our death bed, but there are many more occasions where we might speak our last words without realising it at the time they leave our lips.  Maybe the parting words of an argument with a friend or loved one, the last words of your favourite book or movie, or maybe the words you shouted to the sky the last time you were angry or feeling lost.  Maybe the last words you say to your partner or children before going to bed at night or the last words of advice you offer to yourself or another before turning your back on a problem once and for all.

So, I wanted to invited you to share your take on the picture either in the form of poetry, prose, short story, quote or whatever you feel you want to share.  Please post a link to your piece into the comment box below.  I look forward to sharing your responses on this.


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