how my heart cries

my head is an empty cabinet
the files now tossed to floor
an alphabet of me and us
all gone, there’s nothing more

my lion heart once beating
with pointed teeth of shame
retreats with undefeated pride
there’s no one left to blame

in pouring out my wilted mind
on to a bed of sorrow
the blunted needles prod and poke
with dreams of lost tomorrow

tinker, tailor, soldier… traitor?
coarse words warped in silk ties
now uttered from exhausted lips
released with my heart cries

Posted for dVerse Poets Open Link Night


29 responses to “how my heart cries

  1. oo lots of emotion in this one…an ache…the retreating of the heart….no one left to blame…the traitor in the end too is telling…and that is def painful…betrayal…

    • Ah but who has been betrayed and who is the betrayer?! Thanks Brian, yes this was an emotional write for me today, came whooshing out in ten minutes and the words all just fell in place. I like it when it happens that way don’t you?!

  2. I saw your note above, Vanessa, and I LOVE IT when it happens that way. It’s a sign that surely this was meant to be heard. Love it and you. ~ Bobbie

  3. There’s a lot of uncertain ground in this, no one is sure of anything but the map you give us is certain in itself.

  4. I’m especially taken with the ending here–coarse words warped in silk ties.. the poem seems mournful and resigned, and then…as the old song says, the whip comes down.( I like the ones that just fall out of one’s head, too.)

  5. Awesome. I am a firm believer in the spur of the moment emotional write. Those kind come from the heart, and sometimes they speak of pain, sorrow, and other things that hurt, but they speak in a language we all understand. Nice one, m’lady!

  6. Effortless…words that so obviously needed to get out…they simply fell and landed perfectly…writes like that, I live for…and thanks for the comment at my spot, wise one…you got that! 🙂

  7. You have a cabinet for a head? I thought so from looking at your profile pictures…..just didn’t want to say anything…you know….really enjoyed this poem (and you know why)….you poured this out in ten minutes? Crazy….spoke to me about resignation, but also accepting that sometimes we are not perfect – and that sometimes we have to take things on the chin….it’s just how it goes sometimes….but loved the emotion….it’s real…and you can tell its real …because you just can!!! And that’s what makes this stand out….penned a beauty here you massively weird karate kicking individual

    • Ahem… flying kicking karate weirdo if you don’t mind (I actually left the ground on every attempt, best thing EVER)… and back off my oddly shaped cabinet head… i’m very sensitive about it, you wouldn’t believe how much I got teased at school.

  8. Very moving and honest words. I liked the staza about lions and the use of pride in it, a double meaning thing to me anyway. Don’t let me over impress you with my vocabbulary:) But I liked it. I’m flying solo with my interpreter friend not here to help me out, but I could sense the feelings of love in flux and storm and the emotions it creates. Excellente!.

  9. my head is an empty cabinet
    the files now tossed to floor
    an alphabet of me and us
    all gone…. you give a good impression of the situation in the opening stanza already…def. sad when it comes to this..a felt write vanessa

  10. Oh, I love it when it all comes whooshing out in ten minutes! Full of emotion and reality….I too, sense the regret & resignation….poetry is great to getting to grips with how we feel…or at least, I find it so for me….loved this, Vanessa 🙂

  11. this has a nice flow–rhythm. a very heartfelt and emotional piece. I’d love to empty the file cabinet in my mind.

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