Swan Song to Solitude

My solitary heart is fishing for tomorrow,

bathed in moonlit shades of battle grey.

‘Wait no more.‘ I whisper to nobody as I slide

into the ripples of the lake, searching

for an elusive silver lining in the cumulus

reflected in my unseeing eyes.


Outstretched arms sweep the surface

in grandiose gesture of ballerina poise.

A delicate flick of elongated fingers

sprinkles crystal shimmers, then a pause.

Turbulent waters clear to calming, and

reveal a high shine mirror smiling back.


The clouds break with a tumble overhead

and so do I, blisters soothed to droplets

by the cool wash of wonderful.

Taken to the edge with the ebb until

released to go with the flow. I float,

at last untethered from my loneliness


Written for Stuart McPherson’s Poetics prompt over at dVerse Poets tonight where it’s all bit beautifully melancholic…


38 responses to “Swan Song to Solitude

  1. beautiful imagery here…the lake…moonlight..blisters soothed and the giving in to the moment..floating… sounds like arriving finally at peace…

  2. blisters smoothed to droplets…really like that…a bit of healing…and love the imagery of dance as well..and the elongated fingers…easy to see….and nice feelings as you bring this home

  3. ohhhh liking the new blog set up! well snazz….really enjoyed your poem…Swans have that beautiful elegance about them…and i think metaphorically, they can are a great vehicle for emotion…loved all the imagery of the water and the weather…made me picture perfectly that white bird….also something abut the elegance and ‘beautiful sadness’ above the water, whilst below is power and strength…or to be looked at in another way…maybe anxiety….but i think think poem is about, as you say, escaping from loneliness- ad has a nice positive edge to the melancholy

  4. You know, I definitely hear you with this. “Wait no more” I whisper to nobody. Sometimes we just can’t wait to have someone to whisper to. And yes so good to be untethered from loneliness. We definitely have to make that decision for ourselves, I think. A strong write.

  5. Beautiful. Your choice of themes (moon, water, ballet) captured my attention. The ending is particularly strong and deserves some more pondering (for my part at least): “I float,
    / at last untethered from my loneliness”

  6. But then, beauty, Are you using solitude to mean loneliness? A swan song? Your character is also alone at the end–Ah! But at one with water, float, body, soul–after the mirror surface smiles. Then–the break, soothing, released, untethered. Diction is a lovely mood here, sadness moving to something freer and more profound. (Sometimes when I read poems I feel as if I am seeing fine wine in words.)

  7. very cool. First, I have to say i really, really like the reflection in the eye from the art piece, awesome job there. Next, you really painted the descriptions so well here, giving each line a distinct flavor that always gives motion, moving the piece from line to line and throughout and finally, in the last idea, I really see Ophelia there, going into the water. Not sure if alluded to on purpose or not, but in any case, a very strong allusion, that worked perfectly. Great job. Thanks

  8. Oh goodness me, Vanessa, this is about as poetic as poetry could ever be! I am so impressed with your use of the language, a deeply felt meaning conveyed with such descriptive colour. This is amazingly good.

  9. Lucid is a word I should have used to describe how, whilst so laden with metaphor, I don’t think any reader of this poem could possibly have difficulty understanding and enjoying it. Therefore, I conclude, the World is your oyster, M’am!

    • Well what a beautiful comment thank you. On the whole I aim to write poetry that is interesting and has depth but is accessible to any reader, fan of poetry or not. Sounds like I accomplished that for you here so I am thrilled. Thank you, happy Sunday x

  10. The descriptions are light and deft, and paint both a physical and ethereal mood, where loneliness is mitigated by the sense of an inclusion in something that doesn’t even know you’re there, but smiles to accept you. Or that’s my reading, anyway. Enjoyed the peacefulness.

  11. Oh, Vanessa……..this is so well done that I could feel the emptiness tugging at me (begging me beneath those same waters). That’s what you do well – you make us feel. Thank you. ~ Much love, B

  12. The imagery and emotion with which you write are sensational. This was the first time on your site. Hope you don’t mind If I return from time to time.

  13. As one of my nicknames has long been “Swanee”, your title was the first thing to capture my attention – and your poem, of course, maintained it throughout. Fine, fine writing here.

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