Pick & Mix Prompt!

Is anybody unfamiliar with the term Pick & Mix?  Well, just in case the idea doesn’t translate to you, the way I understand it is that you go into a sweet shop, pick a selection of your favourite sweets and fill a paper bag with a mix of all of them before trotting off to happily indulge your sweet tooth.  So I thought it might be nice to apply this idea to a creative prompt.  Assuming it is popular enough, every Sunday I will post a mixed bag of picture and video prompts.  You are invited to use a combination of two or more of them to indulge your creativity and make something amazing!  Feel free to use them to inspire a piece of writing, art, sculpture, song, poetry, short films… or anything your heart desires and then post a link to your creation in the comments box below.

So here we are, this weeks Pick & Mix is below.. go fill your bag!


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