Needle Scratch

Source: via Alina on Pinterest

sharp steel scratches

ink spills in and stains

tender skin of fifteen years

with a buzz, sting, buzz, sting,

and I know this is just another melody

lost in our battle song.

my riotous response to

every no you uttered,

and the yes I drew

in muttered tones when

you couldn’t have heard


pictures painted in sacrifice

return in a moments reflection

glimmers of such freedom

that fearlessness is.

standing here today

behind kitchen sink smiles

a fire spark ignites the clockwork

winding me backwards, and

my rebel calls again with a

buzz, sting, buzz, sting




Written for this weeks rebellious Poetics prompt over at dVerse Poets Pub where Stuart McPherson is tending bar.


28 responses to “Needle Scratch

  1. this is just another melody
    lost in our battle song…for every no you gave…nice…and yep rebellion can def a response to the restrictive environs…snap back of the rubber band…so you got a tat? where is the pic of yours?

  2. WAY too addicted to that buzz, sting, buzz, sting…for now all can be hidden and I can still rock the skirt suit…if I’m forced 😉 Check out my Metamorphosis piece if you get a chance…you’ll see how well I can relate 🙂

    • Oh yes indeed, the best way to do it. I will be over to see you just as soon as I have the kids all put to bed and I can settle down with a glass and my laptop… It’s been ages since I’ve joined in, a use couple of weeks xx

  3. i remember doing all kind of things cause just because my parents said i shouldn’t do them… never got a tattoo though..ha..have some on my soul though…and can relate to the buzz..sting..

  4. I do remember when tattoos were kind of a rebellious gesture (by young women), but now they seem much the norm. I like ‘buzz, sting.’ Never had a tattoo, but I can picture that this is how it would feel.

  5. my riotous response to
    every no you uttered,
    and the yes I drew
    in muttered tones when
    you couldn’t have heard

    Very much enjoyed these lines, an the poem as a whole actually. This is a subject close to my heart. I think tattooing is, and always has been related to rebellion. Personally speaking, my reasons for getting tattooed were definitely to stick two fingers up at the world (as childish as that might sound)… I guess they were my way of saying….’ I’m doing my on thing despite what you think’….and i love ho you captured that essence here…even if you are now laying on the sofa being a mardy arse…:)

  6. Buzz sting buzz – that’s exactly how I imagine the tattoo parlour. I don’t have a tat – and now I’m rebellin by not getting one! Nice write.

  7. Tatoos are the epitomy of rebillion! The picture rocks. My favorite verses are 4, 5, and 6…, sting…a melody, a battle song…I like it.

  8. Getting a tattoo was my first rebellious act as a teenager. I loved it so much I got another shortly after!

  9. Really like the idea of relating the tattoo to rebellion here. Definitely see it. anytime one wants to craft a message upon themselves, well, what else can compare in terms of conviction and belief. I’ve always wanted to get more myself, have one, and just after I got it, I was eager for the second, designed and all, but twenty years later, just never happened, and now, I don’t know where I’m at, just hasn’t been something I’d thought of lately. Again, love the connection, love the way you brought the sound into the piece with the stylus sound. Lots of excellent reflection in here as well. Thanks

  10. Maybe it’s just me, but with this prompt, I’ve read some amazing rebel yells! This is counted among them. Fantastically written!

    I’ve always wanted a tattoo…but was too afraid to get one…or maybe just because my mother said I couldn’t… 🙂

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