Half light











particles dance in the half light

where once my legs stood

as firm anchor for my heart


the dark breeze swirls my feet

forcing them to move in quick step

to the unseen beat of a new day


a side path beckons me to follow

the brittle leaves of Autumn’s fall

with heel crunches on russet and red


but for now I will hold steady in the waiting


34 responses to “Half light

  1. Nice. I can hear the crunch of the autumn leaves in your poem….but we just sometimes have to WAIT for a time. Autumn and winter come soon enough.

  2. Sometimes we long to have more choices, sometimes we have too many. I hope your’s works out for you. I really enjoyed reading this piece, Vanessa.

  3. Oh, the side paths so tempting. This is a lovely word-painting you’ve made. So much wonderful potential in the waiting!

  4. Everything living knows change–and the smaller the particles, the faster they fly. Lively, original images in this, Vanessa. Enjoyed it much.

  5. Sad poem, very peaceful, beautiful, serene… Stepping into the new day is hard in the absence of what made us happy yesterday… Waiting… another day…. another day….. another step… this is beautiful…..

  6. Very good poem…really good.
    The poem doesn’t need the image to work, stands on it’s own very well. Having said that the two go together like a charm.

    Me being the obstinate person that I am would have written the poem at the image ass if she was coming together on the bench, rather than the other way…Maybe I will.

    I am going to follow you based on the way you wrote this…

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