Rosemary’s Overcoat



Her last Autumn passed like all the others, no cause for change
to a routine as constant as the turn of the calendar

Warding off shivered joints and lurking sciatica with
her heavy overcoat, worn in spite of an Indian summer
draping tiny tendrils over October’s broad shoulders

Age spotted skin came dappled with a hint of winter blue
no longer offering up a glow in reflection
of the season’s last drips of golden light
but she’d closed her eyes to it anyway, soothed by its warmth

In the good old days her hair fell past her nape
swayed gently ‘neath proud victory rolls of silk touch cinnabar
now cropped to something manageable and swept up
with yesterday’s Autumn leaves and heavy heart memories
of the man whose kiss remained at her neck ’til her last breath

Written in response to an Autumn inspired Poetics prompt for dVerse Poets



25 responses to “Rosemary’s Overcoat

  1. Very evocative …. ‘but she’d closed her eyes to it anyway, soothed by its warmth’ great line … as someone on the cusp of Autumn’s years I can tell you relfection on the past is a powerful anitbody to ageing! Nicely done.

  2. nice…great characterization and i feel her and know bring her alive in a very evocative way…her reflections her own but i am in them….good stuff vanessa….and nice closing touch as well on her heart…

  3. Oh, this is beautiful but sad. I appreciated many of the wordings. Her skin turning ‘winter blue’ and her hair swept up ‘with yesterday’s autumn leaves.’ Loving ending though. I am glad he was there with her!

  4. Wow! This is great, Vanessa! I really like this! You’ve outdone yourself! Great metaphorical write, nailing both the character and the season, and blending them in superb fashion. Did I tell you I really like this? I really like this!

  5. This had sadness (for me anyway)….her reflections on a lost love….and in turn this relects so much about Autumn….autumn sees change , plants die, leaves drop, and maybe that’s why it makes us so thoughtful, so reflective…..autumn melancholy in this, that’s for sure (beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice- sorry I couldn’t help myself )

  6. This poem really tells a beautifully sad tale of someone in their twilight years. l really loved the way her hair is swept up like yesterday’s leaves- l felt l was with the character in the poem studying the lost youth in her eyes and on her skin, and knowing the ageless beauty that remains in her so soul and in her story

  7. much melancholy in this…the hair cut to something manageable, the skin lost its glow.. not an easy time and most of all i was touched by his kiss that she’s still feeling on her neck…you brought her alive beautifully vanessa

  8. The autumn of life mottles all living it is with people, animals, plants – perhaps even stars..yet we still try to shine and keep our memories close if not still alive. Well said!

  9. A very pretty poem – it’s terrible how life works – in terms of couples, one dying, one surviving – you describe that kind of life of habit, change, loneliness very well. k.

  10. what an excellent piece. absolutely love the way you positioned/phrased each line, creating such strong lines in both tone and voice, without sacrificing theme. In fact, for me, wording can and in this case I believe it does, enhance the subtleties of particular words, bringing them to life where if worded differently they might just get overpassed in the reading/speaking of the line. Fantastic piece, very effective in every way. Thanks

  11. the man whose kiss remained on her neck… this line brought me a sweetness. I hope to remember such things when many more autumns have come and gone. this is a beautiful poem.

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