Kindness takes a minute


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It’s the work of one minute
to say ‘how are you?’
instead of ‘who do you think you are?’
or ‘let me tell you more about me’

Just one minute to smile or nod
in the direction of the woman
you’re led to believe is stuck up or rude
her attitude, they say, is the problem

Do you know? Really?
Or are you assuming, never found out
for yourself, too busy, no time

It’s the work of just one minute
to offer up a small kindness
for that woman might think its you
not her, the redirected stare

You, all gathered over there, talking
together in a huddle, it’s easy to get muddled
perceive your grouping not as social
but as social exclusion, no place
in your union and so
where else is she to go but inward

It’s the work of one minute
but results could change a lifetime
because stuck up and rude
might just be lost and confused

Can you be sure?
It’s not much to endure, just one minute
that’s how long kindness takes…

Written for Fiona Robyn’s Blog Splash to celebrate the launch of her new book Small Kindnesses (available free today 27th November 2012) Click here to find out more and get your copy.



16 responses to “Kindness takes a minute

  1. smiles…wonderful…acknowledging someone gives them value…and it makes us feel better as well because then they do acknowledge us….its a give and take world and these little kindnesses make for beautiful lives…

      • yes happy, life is well…life. How is your happy quota? you have been writing quite a bit and i am enjoying it very much although I don’t always have time to comment with following so many seems to take up more and more time. Stay happy, love peace and joy Vanessa 🙂

      • I never feel like I’m writing enough these days! 🙂 please don’t worry about how often you visit or comment, it’s a joy to know you still check in on me from time to time. If it feels like a duty or a chore that takes all the fun out of it, so just know that you are always welcome here whether you come every day or pass through once in a blue moon – I expect nothing in return. Best wishes Len x

  2. This is a wonderful lesson….we can offer a minute to another at one time or another. It doesn’t take much, doesn’t take long. We might change misconceptions, might even make a new friend. I enjoyed your words here, your message a good one for this time of year.

  3. So very true…. If more of us would take these small moments, the world would be a better place. I love when I do see it happening, in works like this.

  4. Lovely thoughtful words.
    Shyness is often misinterpretateted as rudeness or loftiness and oh how much acknowledgement is appreciated by lonely souls.
    Anna :o]

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