Christmas Gift Countdown – Day 4

A colourful selection for little kids and big kids, and yes I realise that this is actually more than one gift but hey, it’s Christmas so I thought I’d add a little treat!  Create an underwater light show with this magical bath lamp from Prezzybox priced at just £7.95. There are five different sequences of colour on display at the touch of a button. The dome shaped light is ideal for use in the bath or a swimming pool.

Underwater Light Show, £7.95

Underwater Light Show, £7.95

So hands up if you remember Wham bars? This iconic 80’s sweet has been reinvented for a new generation in the shape of Wham Rocket. Widely available in sweet shops across the UK for just 45p (RRP) per pack you can stuff your stocking full of these exciting new sweets that combine the classic elements of a Wham bar with a tongue tingling sherbet dip. Just for fun.

Wham Rocket, 45p

Wham Rocket, 45p


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