Image taken from Pinterest via walkingthruafog

Image taken from Pinterest via walkingthruafog

‘If it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing.’
Eight words. Eight words is all it took
to tell me everything I needed to hear.
Like the flick of a rubber band, sharp
against numbed senses and an idle mind.
I will force the hand that steadies
the poisoned pivot of this pendulum

I know it’s time to let it swing
find my equilibrium in the change.
So, put your toys back in your pram.
I never really wanted to play anyway,
just picked a dowdy guise from the dress up box.
Time to slip into something more comfortable
and move on to some place I can shine.


Written for Poetics over at dVerse Poets where today we are being invited to write about change…


23 responses to “Shine

  1. Loving both the open and the close in this one. If something isn’t fun, don’t do it- that’s a good rule to go by. This actually has a lot of power, a lot of, and at the risk of sounding like I’m from master chef – oomph. This poem is a decision? To take some control back? I like it. I like the lines about choosing a disguise….to me…this says ‘work’….so do it. Find that place you can shine…I know you will, you probably already did already, you just might not have seen or felt it. Anyway….what the f**k am I rambling on about. The is all POSITIVE, and it’s good to see you affirm it!!! (Again- like I say, 63% of the time I’m right 34%?of the time- so if I’ve got this wrong…well…you can just shove it) 🙂

    • Elbow patches on your jumper and sound bites from Masterchef, you might be right in your interpretation of this poem, but you are wrong diddly wrong wrong in so many other ways ha ha 😉 glad you like it, glad you got it. Not sure I’m happy with it myself but I think that’s as much about the Shirley Bassey influence the image gives (couldnt find anything else), and my weary state of mind post flu filled Christmas. And yes, you know me, I’m already on it. There’s a master plan brewing… PS elbow patches are cool.

  2. I know it’s time to let it swing
    find my equilibrium in the change….it often takes a long way to get there…but def. a good decision… an emotional and felt write vanessa..

  3. nice….the flick of the rubber band…some wear them as a reminder and as a wake up….nice allit with the poisoned pivot of the pendulum as well…the dress up, my boys have a dress up bin and love to change…and sometimes all it takes is a change ofclothes and a decision to move on…smiles.

  4. I hear you with this. Indeed, sometimes it is time to move on; and it seems that you have a good feeling about when. Well written, well thought out poem.

  5. I love the way you hang time in this poem. as if you are in the middle of the decision and we are seeing it fall for you…. the pendulum, that is. great write. Happy Hew Year!!

  6. Gorgeous, Vanessa… I really like:

    Like the flick of a rubber band, sharp
    against numbed senses and an idle mind

    Happy New Year!

  7. ..there’s a sense of optimism in your words… and yes… your beginning line’s a wisdom we must keep in life… great one… happy new year… smiles…

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