What’s Big News in 2013?

Photography by Ashley Gompert

Photography by Ashley Gompert

There’s nothing like the start of a brand new year to get my brain buzzing with ideas and inspiration. I like to take stock of what has been and gone and look around for the best of the big trends expected to make the news for the year ahead. Now don’t get me wrong, I am neither trend setter nor deliberate lemming, I’m not cool (nor uncool and nerdy in that increasingly fashionable way that lots of people are). Nope, more likely I trawl through what everyone else is saying, then look around for the things I think are interesting or intuitively feel might be popular and then I put them all together. I used to do this sort of thing in a scrap book but this year I thought it might be fun to make a blog post out of it… blogging is what all the trendy folks are doing after all! 🙂 My top trend predictions for 2013 are as follows…

diarySecrets – we share EVERYTHING these days. What we’ve had for dinner, what our next door neighbour said in the post office, what the woman in the office was wearing, how sad we are, how happy we are, how much we do or don’t love ourselves and others. I think 2013 could be the year we become saturated by sharing and choose to keep some things sacred. Whether it be keeping those ‘must write it down’ moments confined to a journal or literally just keeping a few little gems of information to yourself, its the year to be discreet.

Den making – for no reason other than I climbed into my children’s play tent a few weeks back and almost refused to ever come out, I loved it so much. There’s something so reassuring, nostalgic and fun about being cocooned in a small space with only a book or your thoughts for company. I used to make dens all the time when I was a child, blankets, bed linen and towels were all dragged out on to the lawn and pegged to the washing line, slide, nearest tree branch and garden chair until I had an impromptu palace. I still encourage my children to do it now, and if I am lucky enough (and bring plenty of snacks, toys and soft cushions) they let me sit in with them for a while and read stories. Bliss.

Community spirit – whether it is working together, living together or campaigning together, I suspect this year could be a good one for creating some sense of community spirit through collaboration. Sick of going solo, staring at a screen or being isolated in office pods, the real trend setters know that the only way to grow, develop, and get the best out of ourselves, each otherring and our surroundings is to join forces. We don’t have to do everything by ourselves. Life is not an endurance test. Needing to seek counsel, support or just inspiration from others is not a sign of weakness. Other people are NOT the competition, they are co-conspirators, they are an echo for your voice so you don’t need to shout to be heard above the crowd.

Reading – Maybe this will be the year that we will all try and make more time to read. Read e-books if you must, but I think hard back and paper back books will be big business again as we grow tired of staring at screens. Reading alone, reading aloud, reading to your children or your partner, whatever way you prefer to do it, I bet you will find yourself enjoying a really good read of a good old fashioned book at least once this year. Smell the ink, touch the pages and dog ear that cover and if you use an e-reader make sure you don’t drop it in the bath tub!

Originality – there are so many ways to interpret this and some will argue that there is no such thing as original anymore, and maybe that’s true but who cares what they say – and who are ‘they’ anyway?! We are so over exposed to marketing messages, celebrity culture and mass consumption that we don’t even realise when we are following the herd. I think people will want to begin creating things that feel personal, original, new, different and most importantly that they can take ownership of. Be fat, be thin, be colourful, be subtle, be busy or be still – it really doesn’t matter providing it is exactly what you want to be and not what you think you need to be to fit in with the masses.

Family – at home or work, families should be embraced even more in 2013. Whoever the odd bunch of people are in your little grouping you lovingly call your family, be with them, be proud of them and all their foibles. When it comes to work, families are not something to hold you back or slow you down and companies that take this view need to move with the times – hec it’s not the 90’s anymore. Don’t have a family? Create your own version of wherever you can find it, surround yourself with loving and positive people who encourage you and give you space to be you.

122441683589947219_0UI3lnU3_cNature – Go wild swimming, fell walking, kayaking, beach combing, horse riding in fact anything that gets you out and into nature even for five minutes – I predict that this will be a great year for it. Healthcare professionals the world over support the benefits of being amongst nature for easing all manner of ills including stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, ADHD, sensory problems and dementia to name but a few, yet you don’t need to have any kind of condition to reap the rewards. We are surrounded by technology, overloaded even, so this is the year to switch off and step out… hey, where are you going?! Not yet. I haven’t finished rambling on! Oh okay, go on then.


5 responses to “What’s Big News in 2013?

  1. Love your predictions, making a big wish for the community one, having observed ours for a number of years I see a big divide and wonder if that will ever be crossed, here hoping!!

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