Melodies of my other life – my new book coming soon

So this is it. This is what I have been anxiously waiting for. Here is the first glance at the cover of my upcoming debut poetry collection Melodies of my Other Life which is due for release in March 2013. For more information check out my author page at Winter Goose Publishing


Check back regularly for news of the release date!


6 responses to “Melodies of my other life – my new book coming soon

  1. Well done Vanessa!! I myself have embarked on writing my first novel, so I know what an immense achievement it is just finding the time to write, let alone finish your work and then to amazingly get published – WOW!! I cant wait to read your book, you have inspired me now even more to get on with my writing and aim to finish it. Thanks Vanessa – hope you and your gorgeous family are all ok, I knew you would all be ok I told you you wouldnt come back here didnt I?? Well done. Sam is friends with Summer on facebook, he looks as handsome as ever.

    Well done again. Lots of love, Shelley.

    • Thanks Shelly, hope all is well with you and yours, and thanks for your lovely comment. I should warn you that it’s a poetry book (Louise has read some of my poetry and says i converted her!)… But the novel is underway too and so I hope to see that published one day soon but we’ll have to see – 30,000 words done so far, quite a way to go yet! Saw Summer on FB, and my goodness doesn’t she look just like you? Pretty little lady x

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