Over kneaded dough eventually relents under pushy palms
Malleable and responsive until it can take ‘no more’
Unfurling from its ball form before flattening out

‘Yes’ is a slow steady drip from my mouth, like spilt milk
Pure in its inflection, but quick to sour if left unchecked
And all I can say at this point is ‘enough’

This is not an endurance test


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23 responses to “Endurance

  1. dang..hahaha…i am wondering if this is about what i think its about…smiles…um…i guess there is a point of enough…i like how you use the working of the dough to set it up…

  2. Great symbolism here. As a mom of four I bet you feel a little like bread doe every day. I know my wife, mother to my wonderful four children, often feels a little over kneaded! Enjoyed.

  3. Hey….so! totally feeling this…overworked dough makes for a bad bake! And yeah…. Sometimes you gotta say ‘enough’ because that spilt milk? Pheweee…..you’ve done the right thing for sure, and your words here? Felt like this too many times …. at least you’ve got a shitload of stuff to write about now!

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