Caramel & Cohen


The musings of a troubled mind
or permeations of another kind
Taken to the depths and back
by a beauty too big to hold, a heart
too tired to sleep under moonlight

And the goosebumps rise again
As that Hallelujah is pulled from breathless lips
I sing along, and the words drift
soft lullabies on a curdled tongue
dark and light mix together in caramel and bitters

There’s a noose in my throat as I try
not around it but inside
It’s sisal twist scratching
as it pulls sphincter tight
Leaving me with an immovable knot

The music stops and I am alone with the echoes…

Another poem for Poetics over at dVerse Poets tonight


25 responses to “Caramel & Cohen

  1. I’ve never been a big Cohen fan (apart from that particular song…) so I’m sitting this one out at dVerse, BUT, this poem spoke to me of big things like love and weariness and bittersweet longings. Lovely.

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