So this is the first of my series of blog posts intended to offer up a mini celebration of all of the lovely creative people and work I have come across on my virtual travels.  It’s by no means extensive or representative of everything, it’s just a little collection to share.  There’s something so special about a photograph.  Whether it’s the light and shadow, the subject in the frame or the colours that draw me in all depends on the image.  There’s a magic in the way that everything can be suspended in time at the press of a button, and then held in memory forever.  When I was a child I remember that our family found two Victorian portrait photographs hidden behind framed pictures we had.  I was always fascinated by the subjects of these images.  Who were they and what were their stories.  I never did find out, but it didn’t matter to me because the joy was in the inspiration they provided.  To this day I still use photography to inspire me and visitors to this blog will have no doubt noticed its use alongside my poetry, to illustrate my editorial features and to provide inspiration for you.  So anyway, without further rambling, let me introduce you to the work of some photographers that I have had the pleasure of coming across on my social networks.  Click on the links to find out more about the photographer or click on the images to enlarge them.

This collection is from Cornish photographer and all around creative lovely Louise Brill, Silver Waters Photography.

I stumbled upon Katarzyna Widmanska a few weeks ago and like her dark and somewhat esoteric style.  These images are grainy and damaged, just like people are.  I’m have no specialist knowledge of photography but to me, these images show technical brilliance as well as creativity.

More sea themed images here from The Underwater Project by photographer Mark Tipple who I discovered on a recent trawl of the internet. I thought his work offered an interesting flip side to the surf images by Louise above.

This Back to the Future collection is by Irina Werning and features adult subjects recreating their childhood photos.

A selection of my favourites from Pinterest (though there are many many more I adore!)


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