Why do I do this?
The habit of self flagellation unbearable
yet I find my place here time and again
pick… pick… pick… ouch.

Why do I do this?
Thrown myself under the bus this time
no drive by, no veering out of control
click… click… click… snap.

Why do I do this?
Peel away the layers and peer into the cracks
push on until there’s no going back
itch… itch… itch… scratch.


Linking up with the great folks over at dVerse Poets Pub


29 responses to “I ASK MYSELF

  1. This poem of yours is so creative and wow!
    A lot of depth and you carve out your images so beautifully.


    P.S please check out my new blog poem.
    Dj Dead Cow -http://charliezero1.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/dj-dead-cow/

  2. there is a certain amount of going deep in ourselves that is not bad…but picking ourselves apart, ugh…we do it to ourselves so easily you know….best wishes on your collection as well…smiles…

  3. Compulsion if revealing and opening for healing can be self-redemptive. But for most it is sadly, sadly destructive. When I worked in dermatology, I saw this manifest as in this poem — to horrible outcomes.

  4. Digging and worrying at yourself … I like the repetitive pick… pick … pick… scratch… gives it a visual anchor that everyone can relate to… nicely done!

  5. Why do we do this – and how come it is so hard to stop? This is a fine poem Vanessa – not sure that like is an appropriate response, maybe there should be an admire button instead ๐Ÿ™‚

    All the best with your collection too. When is it available in the UK?

  6. why do we do the worst things to ourselves? I wonder this a lot myself. Really nice layout here, love the short stanza form, and the use of rhyme and ellipses to close out each stanza was done really nicely. Great piece. thanks

  7. The curse of the poet perhaps, we delve into the darkest parts of ourselves and sacrifice our heart, blood, and even sanity to our art. That sounds a little better than masochism anyways

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