Snap! The tension vibrates from here to there
Lines traced as they slip between finger and thumb
A tight pinch and a gentle squeeze before the breeze
catches the nape of my neck, and for a second I pause
Roll the cold steel pole between my palms
then close my eyes to the heat of the moment
Only moving on to tease, tug and stretch out your seams

Kellie Elmore has us adding a little hint of sexy to the ordinary things we do for her FWF prompt this week, so I thought I would join in! Can you guess what I wrote about? Leave your guesses below and I’ll let you know if you were right…


12 responses to “THE LINES BETWEEN

  1. You are killing me! I have no idea, not even a guess! But that is a good thing, you did awesome with keeping us guessing lol! And by the way, I am cheesing so big right now that you stopped by to play! You made my day!!! ♥

  2. less is more, in this case it is intoxicating and manipulative….now what was I suppose to do, oh yeah guess. Why spoil the moment.

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