Is the writer the villain?

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“The writer isn’t the villain; we’re just reporters of what goes on.” Liz Jones, columnist & author.

Villain or hero, we are all individuals and so surely we each have our own take on ‘what goes on’ don’t we? Surely it is not always possible to be 100% accurate is it? As a writer you might be reporting on a collection of jumbled memories. You might be reporting on an identical event or circumstance as the person next to you, and yet you will most likely write it totally differently.

Every day I learn more and more about the enormous power of the written word. Of course the spoken word can have incredible impact; the intonation, facial expressions and body language with which the words are delivered all help to build a picture for the listener. However, the written word doesn’t always have such a framework. Instead it floats around without limitations, there are no safety ropes to tie it down to one single meaning. It is interpreted by the reader in whatever way they want, they add their own voice, base what they read on their own experiences and beliefs and react to it accordingly.

Even if you are writing non-fiction, you are still creating your version of events. It may be based on facts, but those facts are interpreted by your mind, your intellect and enhanced or subdued by your choice of language.

So who is right when they write, and who is wronged as a result? Share your thoughts…


2 responses to “Is the writer the villain?

  1. Definitely not a villain! When reading an article or essay the reader ultimately takes in the writer’s viewpoint, they have the option to agree or disagree with what’s been written. For example ” Instead it floats around without limitations, there are no safety ropes to tie it down to one single meaning.” I totally agree with this statement. I beleive interpretation is what makes writing so powerful.

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