I’ve been a little bit busy. I’m working on a new novel and am trying to stick to some kind of writing routine. I have a deadline looming and until a couple of days ago was beginning to panic about how I was going to meet it. I don’t know about you, but when I’m writing I tend to focus on the enormous task that is the final completed book – the huge gap that stretches out between me and the tens of thousands of words I need to pluck from my brain in order to succeed. However, as my mother-in-law recently reminded me ‘There’s only one way to eat an elephant. Take small bites.’.

So when I stumbled across this writing planning tool via Twitter I was pretty relieved. You enter the amount of words you want to achieve, a time period within which you want to complete it, and the way you want to structure your writing ie, big chunks followed by smaller chunks, evenly spread or at random.


The tool calculates your daily word count and you follow it. Simple but effective. If nothing else it offered reassurance that the task ahead was achievable, just as I was starting to doubt myself, and helped me focus. Its as useful to students writing a dissertation as it is to writers, and it’s free to use.

Another useful resource I have stumbled upon recently is , a fantastic little blog created to connect and inspire writers. There is even an online shop where you can purchase the ‘Spark Deck’, a pack of playing cards with a difference. Each card bears a writing prompt to help spark your creativity and help you move your story along. Check it out if you can.


Anyway, I have a word count target to achieve today, and I’d be cheating if I included blogging within that so bye for now!


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