Empty Circle

Image source – Pinterest


She’s there, at the centre

The pin point under scrutiny

A beating heart inside of me

In an empty circle

And all around it

The unstoppable force

That pushes at misshapen edges


At best I am the wire

Buckling as I try to contain

The white space inside

Outside. The up and down.

The shrivelled frown

Trying to support the weight

As everything, and nothing

Drowns me in white


13 responses to “Empty Circle

  1. Hey Vanessa. Been a while since you were in the pub.

    I like the use of the circles, contrasting the circumference and the center. I find I can relate a lot more to the bearer of the weight. I have felt that surely.

  2. The circle is ocean field.. the spirit ! of i.. the wire is wave.. the I.. as Zen ego I.. the pin point.. in middle.. is particle as i.. yes.. the seat and seed.. as soul i.. ‘who’ directs.. the heArt.. as ego I.. and the spirit !.. expressing the actor I.. ‘who’ is wave of i.. and the best of all.. is when soul.. heArt.. and spirit.. become one.. as i…ONE with the rest of Nature of ALL THAT IS AS METAPHOR FOR THE ALL KNOWN.. AND FEELING.. AS GOD NOW…

    Ah.. the threes in life.. they do come in pairs.. but when they join and become one.. there is never anything.. but bliss
    in now.. as 3 in 1.. the magicK human
    form.. becomes magicK LiGht
    in living
    noW ONe..:)

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