Join me over on By the Letter Books Reviews today and get my thoughts on how to get published, researching a novel, my writer’s desk and the books I’m working on next.


Today I am delighted to be the next stop on Vanessa Matthews blog tour for her new book The Doctor’s Daughter. To see my  review please clickhere.


Welcome Vanessa and many thanks for joining me on my blog today. Is writing something that you have always wanted to pursue as a career or were you like many other children and constantly changed your mind of career choice?

Thanks Sarah, and thanks for your lovely review too. Yes, I have always harboured a dream to be a novelist though I have also entertained lots of other ambitions along the way. My first plan from school was to work towards becoming a make-up artist, and whilst I did manage it briefly I decided to change tack and found the first office job I could get my hands on. It so happened that it was attached to the world of PR…

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