Inside Historical Fiction with Vanessa Matthews

So pleased to be able to share my thoughts and experience of writing a historical novel with author M.K Tod on her wonderful blog. Hope you enjoy it!

All about historical fiction

Vanessa MatthewsVanessa Matthews is a poet and author of historical fiction. Her debut poetry collection ‘Melodies of my Other Life’ was published in 2013. The Doctor’s Daughter is her first novel. When she is not writing fiction, Vanessa works as a freelance copy writer and marketing consultant. Please welcome her to the blog as she talks about her experiences writing historical fiction.

What are the ‘magic ingredients’ that make historical fiction unforgettable/irresistible?

I am not sure there is a magic recipe specifically for historical fiction, there are some rules that apply across all genres. Believable characters, strong plot and good quality writing. Those elements have been important since novel writing began. That said, I do think that there is something about going back in time that enables a reader to slow down, absorb themselves in rich historical details, disconnect from the fast paced world we live in. As a writer I think that setting…

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