Growing Pains – Writing Losses and Gains Part 3

Me and my debut novel The Doctor's Daughter!

Me and my debut novel The Doctor’s Daughter!

I can’t believe it has been three months since I posted Part 2 of this Growing Pains series. So much has changed and so I thought it might be nice to bring you up to date (and remind myself how far I have come).

After doing lots of research, I did indeed go ahead and publish my novel through CompletelyNovel. Did you know the average midlist author signed with a traditional publisher will still only sell around 500 copies? Did you know that even if you self-publish, you can still submit your novel to agents and publishers and it can still get picked up? Did you know that if you manage to achieve success on your own, your novel might actually be more likely to pique the interest of publishers?

On that basis I figured I had very little to lose and potentially lots to gain. So I took the plunge. Do you know what? Whilst things haven’t panned out quite as I had hoped, I am kind of delighted with the progress I am making. In a few short weeks I have managed to release The Doctor’s Daughter on Kindle and as a paperback. I have managed to get around 20 book bloggers to agree to read it and have already received some incredible reviews. I have real readers leaving 4 & 5 star reviews on Amazon. I have managed to negotiate three articles in mainstream media. I have given a talk at a prestigious literary festival fringe event. I received an email from the editor of Vogue UK to say that she will be reading my book… MY BOOK (screams!). I have written several guest posts and given interviews for a number of writing-related blogs. I have seen pictures of my book being read in the UK, USA and Vienna and even sold one in Australia! I have managed to get my book placed on the shelves of leading UK bookstore Waterstones and there are copies of The Doctor’s Daughter in my local library. And there’s more to come!

I should explain at this point, that NONE of this has been easy. I have worked hard and will continue to do so if I want to see my book reach its full potential. But I did it. After months and months wasted on moping around and waiting for the publishing industry to come and find me, I went out and found it. I have physical copies of my book sitting on my bookshelf as I type this. I have real reader reviews mounting on Amazon. I am able to watch my book grow in popularity and develop a real fan base. And I can now start work on the second and third books I have sketched out. I will most likely continue to submit to agents and publishers as there is no doubt that the process is less labour intensive when you have industry help and budgets to support your book, but I am so pleased that I made the decision I did. If I had given up, my manuscript would still be languishing in a drawer somewhere and I may have stopped writing altogether. For now I’m going to keep writing.

The Doctor’s Daughter is out now. Find it on Amazon UK, Amazon US and Amazon sites worldwide, as well as Barnes & Noble. UK readers can also find it in selected Waterstones stores in the South West of England and online at


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